Any careless statement on Artsakh may lead to drastic shifts in frontline situation

In an interview to, Tigran Abrahamyan, an advisor to the Artsakh Republic president, commented on the Artsakh peace process, the calm reigning over the Artsakh-Azerbaijan contact line and the optimism around it.

Any careless statement on Artsakh may lead to drastic shifts in frontline situation

Any careless statement on Artsakh may lead to drastic shifts in frontline situation

STEPANAKERT,  FEBRUARY 4, ARTSAKHPRESS: The interview to is presented below:

- Mr. Abrahamyan, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan reflected on the ongoing processes in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, strongly rebuffing the “territories for peace” formula and adding no negotiations are underway at the moment. With this said, what are the focus of the meetings at the level of foreign ministers and the countries’ leaders?

But what do we have to hold talks on? When there is no atmosphere of trust between the parties, how can they negotiate? What should the talks be about?

We are passing through a very delicate and at the same time a complicated period, since any careless statement or comment at the official level may lead to drastic shifts in the frontline situation.

As for the meetings at the foreign ministerial level, they should pursue a goal of establishing a conducive atmosphere for launching negotiations, and the discussions, logically, should focus on this.

-What are the shifts about? Do you observe some tendencies in that respect?

 For example, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry promptly responds to any detail on the Artsakh settlement process, attempting to pin the blame on Armenia for a failure to start talks. Initially as informal news articles, a formal thesis begin to circulate later that Armenia starts to reject the peace talks, and, I think, everyone clearly understands what this means.

-However, will you please clarify?

Azerbaijan is forming a solid ground for sharply escalating the situation, securing its diplomatic side before that. At which stage Azerbaijan will use it depends on the upcoming meetings at different levels and their course.

However, the ceasefire regime is observed at the moment, with a dramatic decline recorded in fatalities in Azerbaijani shooting. This has sparked optimism among public.

Unfortunately, that optimist will not last long, since Azerbaijan’s steps signal a different scenario.

One-two military facility is put into operation weekly, mostly in attendance of Azerbaijani defense minister or president in person. Hardly a week goes by without Azerbaijan announcing a regular investment in military industry or a regular purchase of armaments.

No matter how much they are wrapped up in propaganda elements, some of them are within the scope of our view.

Thus, two realties exist – diplomatic handshakes and complements and strong military build-up, expansion of military-political arrangements and military facilities.