'Hitler paintings' fail to sell at German auction house

Five pictures said to have been painted by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler have failed to sell at auction in Germany.

'Hitler paintings' fail to sell at German auction house

'Hitler paintings' fail to sell at German auction house

STEPANAKERT,  FEBRUARY 11, ARTSAKHPRESS: Weidler auction house hoped to raise €45,000 (£40,000; $51,000) from the most expensive work, according to BBC News.

The auction was held in Nuremberg, the German city once notorious for Hitler's mass rallies where leading Nazis were later tried for war crimes.

Accusations of forgery marred the auction and city mayor Ulrich Maly described it as being in "bad taste".

The sale also included items said to have been owned by the dictator, including a vase and a wicker chair with a swastika on its arm.

Under Hitler's rule (1933-45), Nazi Germany began World War II, pursuing a genocidal policy that resulted in the deaths of some six million Jews, and tens of millions of other civilians and combatants.

Public displays of Nazi symbols are against the law in Germany - except in some contexts, such as for educational or historical reasons.

The auction house got around the law by pixelating the symbols within their catalogue.





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