Armenia PM on meeting with Ilham Aliyev

The meeting with President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev was positive, and it is safe to state that we have started a conversation during which the parties can express their views and discuss their respective agendas and problems, reports.

Armenia PM on meeting with Ilham Aliyev

Armenia PM on meeting with Ilham Aliyev

STEPANAKERT,  MARCH 29, ARTSAKHPRESS: This is what Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan declared as he touched upon his meeting with the President of Azerbaijan during a meeting with members of the Armenian community of Vienna at the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Austria.

“Overall, I positively assess the meeting today. I can’t say it was a breakthrough, a revolutionary meeting or an epoch-making event or a turning point, but what is important is that this marks the launch of a process that will provide Armenia with the opportunity to talk about its agendas, notions and problems and talk about the process that I talked about in Stepanakert and later during my press conference,” Pashinyan said.

However, Pashinyan emphasized that there was no winner or loser during this meeting. “When I say the meeting was positive, it doesn’t mean there was a winner and a loser. Moreover, the meetings in Dushanbe, St. Petersburg and Davos were also positive and there was no winner or loser.”

Pashinyan said what was also important was the fact that the parties realize the intricacy of the conflict. “It’s obvious that each party has its notions, and it’s also obvious that this conflict is deeply rooted,” he said.

Pashinyan also talked about the expectations that Armenia can have from the conversation that began with Aliyev. “I think it’s important to be in an atmosphere in which we can share our opinions, exert efforts to ensure peace and stability on the border and assign the foreign ministers of our respective countries to continue this conversation. It’s clear that each of us has his position, but we need to discuss each other’s positions and see what is logical and illogical.”

Pashinyan emphasized that he views the meeting as positive by taking all this into consideration and said he hoped his and Aliyev’s assessments wouldn’t be different from each other, at least visibly and tangibly.



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