The main results of Conifa Euro-2019 are known

After today's football matches, the head of the PR and Marketing Team of CONIFA Artsakh Hrachuhi Barseghyan held a press conference.

The main results of Conifa Euro-2019 are known

The main results of Conifa Euro-2019 are known

STEPANAKERT, JUNE 8,  ARTSAKHPRESS: As "Artsakhpress" reports, Hrachuhi Barseghyan presented the results of  today's matches held at Stepanakert and Askeran stadiums.

She informed that the first half of the Padania v Artsakh match, which was held in Stepanakert on June 8, ended with a score of 0-1 to Artsakh. Arsen Sargsyan, Artsakh footballer, managed to score. At the end of the match, only two minutes remained when the referees produced a red card and a green card - and two Artsakh players were sent off.

However, Dmitri Malyaka scored another goal in the last minute of the match. In a tense struggle, the match ended with 0-2 to Artsakh. Thus, the Artsakh team finished fifth in the CONIFA European Football Cup, and Padania took the 6th place.

The scoring at Szekely Land v Sapmi was opened in the 17th minute by Sapmi’s Benjamin Zakrosson. Two minutes later, Sapmi’s Samuli Laitila took Sapmi 2-0 up. In the 35th minute, Szekely Land’s Benjamin Balint scored to bring Szekely Land back into the match. In the 75th minute, Sapmi's Samuel Laitila scored the winning goal. The match ended with a score of 2-3. Thus, Sapmi's team took 7th place in this tournament and Szekely Land 8th.
In today’s final match, Chameria v Abkhazia, the fight was on for 3rd and 4th places. The game was tense, with a red card. It was 0-0 at full time. And according to the rules of CONIFA, the winner was determined by a penalty shootout. The struggle was tense until Chameria missed a penalty sending Abkazia up to 3rd place in the CONIFA European Football Cup.

At the end of all the matches, the teams took part in award ceremonies.

As a result of all the matches played today, the following ranking is recorded:
8th place - Szekely Land

7th place - Sapmi

6th place - Padania

5th place - Artsakh

4th place - Chameria

3rd place - Abkhazia

On Sunday 9 June, at 18:00, the CONIFA European Football Cup’s final will be held at Stepanakert Stadium, where Western Armenia and South Ossetia will compete for the European champion’s title.

The Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) is the international governing body for non-FIFA-affiliated Association of Football. CONIFA was formed in 2013. The organization unities 54 federations, thus 54 teams. The mission of CONIFA is to give a chance to federations, players not included in FIFA to demonstrate their abilities, to develop as athletes and individuals. CONIFA European Football Cup 2019 is Europe’s third tournament.