Tensions flare at Venezuela-Columbia border

Opposition supporters clashed with Venezuelan police on Saturday in several places on the border with Colombia.

Tensions flare at Venezuela-Columbia border

Tensions flare at Venezuela-Columbia border

STEPANAKERT, JUNE 19,  ARTSAKHPRESS: They attempt to force a way for American ‘aid’ to enter the country against the wishes of the government, according to Russia Today.

The confrontation started in the morning in the border town of Urena. Footage from the scene showed several protesters pelting police officers with rocks and setting tires on fire.

On Saturday morning, local TV broadcasts showed an apparent attempt by some civilians to dismantle a metal barrier, which prevents travel across the Simon Bolivar international bridge, which is located some 10km south of the Venezuelan town.

Later in the day the bridge became the scene of intense confrontation between Venezuelan opposition supporters coming from the Colombian side and the Venezuelan security troops defending the crossing. The protesters pelted the police with stones while the law enforcement responded with tear gas, footage from the scene showed.