New modern stadium built in the Kovsakan community, Artsakh Republic

A new stadium has been built in the Kovsakan community of Kashatagh region by means of the “Tufenkian” Charitable Foundation.

New modern stadium built in the Kovsakan community, Artsakh Republic

New modern stadium built in the Kovsakan community, Artsakh Republic
STEPANAKERT, JUNE 21,  ARTSAKHPRESS: The honor of opening the stadium was given to American-based Victor Zarougyan and his wife  Judith Saryan.
The project has been carried out my means of Victor Zarougyan and Judith Saryan  and with the support of philanthropist Armik Khosrofian who lives in the UAE.
As “Artsakhpress” reports, David Davtyan, head of Kashatagh regional administration, made an opening speech
On behalf of the head of the regional administration he handed a letter of appreciation to benefactors Victor Zarougyan and Judith Saryan for the significant contribution to the development of the region.
Deputy Mayor of Kovsakan Suren Karamyan said that there was no conditions for youth of Kovsakan for spending the time more productively.  He noted that now they have a stadium with modern standards.
Speaking about the activities of the Fund, the Deputy Mayor Suren Karamyan said that since its foundation, a number of investments have been made in Kovsakan. The foundation has proved many times that its main goal is to build and strengthen the homeland.
Executive Director of the Foundation Raffi Dudaklyan in an interview with “Artsakhpress” noted that the construction of the stadium was carried out within 2 months. The stadium is designed for mini football, basketball and volleyball.
"The main goal of implementing such programs is the development of liberated communities. We implement a number of projects in different communities of Kashatagh region. In the nearest future we plan to implement a number of economic, social and reconstruction projects," added Dudaklyan.
The benefactor Victor Zarougian noted that he is very impressed with Kovsakan and  it is his second visit to the community.
"I am glad that we were able to be useful to the residents of Kovsakan. It is a great enthusiasm for me when I see the development of the resettled territories. Other charitable projects in the Kashatagh region are underway, "said the benefactor.

According to  Judith Saryan the stadium fully complies with their expectations. She is proud  for contribution to  the  development  of Artsakh.

The children of  Kovsakan thanked the benefactors  for supporting the residents of border villages.