US resumes talks on Afghanistan

The US Special Envoy will visit Qatar and Afghanistan to resume peace talks, as Washington seeks to put an end to the conflict, which will allow US troops to withdraw from the country after almost 20 years.

US resumes talks on Afghanistan

US resumes talks on Afghanistan

STEPANAKERT, AUGUST 21,  ARTSAKHPRESSThe US Special Representative in Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad “will resume talks with the Taliban as part of an overall effort to facilitate a peace process that ends the conflict in Afghanistan,” State Department reported.

In Kabul, he will consult with the leadership of the Afghan government on the peace process and encourage full preparation for intra-Afghan negotiations.

He had previously informed President Donald Trump about the negotiations with Taliban.

Trump said the United States held “very good discussions” with Taliban and the Afghan government.

The prospect of a troop withdrawal has raised concerns among US military and some American lawmakers that Afghanistan might plunge into a new civil war that could lead to the return of Taliban rule and give shelter to al-Qaida and other Islamic militants.