Artsakh Wiki Clubs presented at Wikimania, Wikimedia Annual Conference

The coordinator of Stepanakert's wiki club of the ''Wikimedia Armenia'' NGO and the coordinator of the Karvachar wiki club Tamara Grigoryan participated in Wikimania, Wikimedia Annual Conference, held in Stockholm, Sweden August 13-19.

Artsakh Wiki Clubs presented at Wikimania, Wikimedia Annual Conference

Artsakh Wiki Clubs presented at Wikimania, Wikimedia Annual Conference

STEPANAKERT, AUGUST 27,  ARTSAKHPRESSIn an interview with "Artsakhpress", Irina Safaryan noted that during Wikimania they presented the activities of the Stepanakert and Karvachar wiki clubs.

“I have presented the wiki clubs of Armenia based on the example of the Stepanakert wiki club and have touched upon the concept of the club. We have participated in the event for the second time. Last year it was held in Cape Town, South Africa, where I presented Artsakh for the first time,” said Safaryan.

“This year Wikimania had 900 participants from all over the world. I must say that the forum is another platform for making Artsakh's voice heard. It is also an opportunity to tell about our country, to present our culture, national traditions. So I had an opportunity to meet with Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales for the second time. I gave him a little “Grandfather-Grandmother” souvenir (the symbol of Artsakh) and a little book about Artsakh.

The latter was very interested with our history and promised to visit Artsakh; as well as he was interested with wiki clubs operating in Artsakh,”said Safaryan.

Our interlocutor noted that, of course, all this could not escape the attention of the Azerbaijani authorities, and the Azerbaijani Embassy in Sweden wrote a letter of complaint to Wikimedia Sweden, stating that they were concerned about the participation of Artsakh representative, as everywhere the Artsakh participant was presented as the representative of the Artsakh Republic, from Wikimedia Armenia team.

"They should have been disappointed, as the Wikimedia Foundation has never raised the issue of sovereignty. Here we deal only with individuals and their work, and of course there was no problem with me. On the contrary, I can say with certainty that after this incident, both my participation and the name of Artsakh became more important at this year's Wikimania,”concluded Irina Safaryan.