I have voted for the progress of our country. Bako Sahakyan

Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan took part in the local self-government elections, voting in the 3/3 polling station of Stepanakert.

I have voted for the progress of our country. Bako Sahakyan

I have voted for the progress of our country. Bako Sahakyan

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 8,  ARTSAKHPRESSAfter the voting, Bako Sahakyan told the reporters that  elections bring honor and glory to the country, and these elections will not be an exception. 

  “Any elections are an opportunity for the country to ensure progress and I have voted for the progress of our country. I have high expectations from the newly elected mayor of Stepanakert. During these years, our city has not only transformed, but also received a new color.

I believe that the newly elected mayor and the members of the Stepanakert City Council will be able to provide necessary conditions for the development and prosperity of the city.

We have many diverse problems. I've had an opportunity to follow the pre-election programs of Stepankert’s candidates; they understand the basic problems of the city . The candidate who wins will carry out appropriate work in that direction. I love our city. During these years, with the representatives of responsible structures, I tried to give the city a new look,” noted President Bako Sahakyan.
Speaking about the Institute of the City Council , the President said that he is glad that a lot of young candidates participate in the elections.

Referring to the observation mission, Bako Sahakyan said: “On the eve of all the elections, when we express our official viewpoint, we are keen to have international and local, parliamentary and extra-parliamentary observers. Naturally, we had discussions with the organizers of these elections; the preparation works have been organized at a high level. "