What projects been implemented with funds from "Kashatagh" Charitable Foundation?

Thanks to the “Kashatagh” Charitable Foundation, a number of housing, resettlement, social security and education programs have been implemented in the Kashatagh region, Artsakh Republic.

What projects been implemented with funds from "Kashatagh" Charitable Foundation?

What projects been implemented with funds from

STEPANAKERT, OCTOBER 29,  ARTSAKHPRESS: Touching upon the Fund’s activities, Director Artush Mkhitaryan noted that the Fund started its activities in August, 2010.

“The fund mainly focused on resettlement issue. Apartment buildings have been constructed in Kovsakan and Ishkhanadzor for the Syrian-Armenian families resettled in Artsakh; support has been provided to the resettled families for the basic living conditions.

In a number of communities, as a part of the project, financial support has been provided to the birth promotion program and large families,”Mkhitaryan said.

On this occasion, our correspondent interviewed the current and former leaders of the communities where “Kashatagh” Charitable Foundation has undertaken construction works.

Talking about the village of Ishkhanadzor, the head of the community, Arsen Telunts, said:  “The focus was on the Syrian-Armenian families settled in the community, for which, with the co-financing of the “Tufenkian” Charitable Foundation, two apartment buildings have been built.

With the financial support of the Fund, 11 houses were built in 2017 and 52 in 2018, each costing 7 million drams. As a result of these works, the population of the community has increased by about 400, from 200 to 600,”noted Telunts.
Referring to other projects implemented in Ishkhanadzor, the head of community added that small grants were provided to solve the problem of employment of residents; a community warehouse and another building were built. Later it was provided to the Defense Army.
Razmik Margaryan, the former mayor of Kovsakan, noted: “Kashatagh Charitable Foundation has had an important role in the implementation of community development programs. An apartment building for 12 families has been built in the city. It was mainly settled by Syrian-Armenians.
In order to solve the water supply problem of the city, a 2.5 km long waterline has been constructed. The pipes were provided by Artsakh Republic Government and the rest of the expenses were covered by the Fund.
And the Kovsakan-Keren 10 kW high voltage line has been completely built with the financial support from the Fund,”the former mayor noted.
Such projects have also been implemented in the city of Mijnavan . Former Mayor of the city Manuk Mkrtchyan told us that the 8-room apartment building has been built in the city. M. Mkrtchyan added that the Fund supported a number of vulnerable families.”
"So during eight years, in three communities, 101 apartments and houses, 35 million drams worth of construction materials, full or partial compensation of  tuition fees of students from needy families studying in Yerevan and Stepanakert Universities, 21 million drams for birth promotion support, construction and furnishing of the municipality of Mijnavan, Kovsakan-Keren 10 kW high voltage line contraction, annual  improvement works of Kovsakan-Kapan road and, of course, many other projects that we have been able to implement with the help of the Kashatagh Charitable Foundation.

During these years 389 million 268 thousand drams has been allocated from the state budget in support of the above-mentioned programs. Of course, we receive supports from other channels as well, for which we would like to thank everyone, ” concluded the head of the Foundation.