Presentation of "Modern Azerbaijan” Handbook Held in Stepanakert

The presentation of the handbook "Modern Azerbaijan", co-authored by Turkologist Varuzhan Geghamyan and political scientist Edgar Elbakyan, took place in Stepanakert on Monday.

Presentation of "Modern Azerbaijan” Handbook Held in Stepanakert

Presentation of

STEPANAKERT, FEBRUARY 24, ARTSAKHPRESS: At the presentation, the co-author of the handbook Edgar Elbakyan noted that the handbook describes key episodes in the history of the Republic of Azerbaijan, key features of the current political and economic system, the armed forces and socio-cultural life.

“The work needs regular updates. It can be useful for political scientists, historians, diplomats, journalists or just a wide range of readers interested in the subject. It is planned to create a textbook on the history of Azerbaijan, which will fill the existing gap in the field,” said Elbakyan in particular.

Advisor to the President of the Republic of Artsakh for Security Affairs, Tigran Abrahamyan, attached importance to the initiative and expressed hope that the work will continue in different directions. "Taking into account the fact that we are at war with Azerbaijan and we are going through different stages, we often think that we know Azerbaijan very well. But we really need to get to know it deeper. It is necessary not only to study the Azerbaijani language, but also to recognize this country deeply,” said Abrahamyan.

For his part, Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Artsakh, Artak Beglaryan, said that the handbook gives an opportunity to see Azerbaijan through real eyes. “Knowing Azerbaijan, we will naturally make more targeted and addressed decisions and take actions, which will make our work even more effective. I hope that the following works will cover issues related to human rights, violations of the rights of the opposition, as well as the information system will be touched on, ” said Beglaryan.