Kiwi orchards to be planted in Artsakh

In addition to the traditional pomegranate and blood orange, a large number of kiwi orchards will also be planted in Artsakh.

Kiwi orchards to be planted in Artsakh

Kiwi orchards to be planted in Artsakh
STEPANAKERT, MARCH 5, ARTSAKHPRESS: “Spayka” will provide full-scale procurement, and an agreement has already been reached with its management. Artsakh Republic presidential candidate Arayik Harutyunyan stated this during the pre-election campaign in Berdashen community of Martuni region, adding that seedlings have already been ordered for the first thousand hectares.
“During the pre-election campaign we visited the communities of Berdashen sub-region, Martuni region. And people everywhere welcomed us with special immediacy. I consider it is the result of the victorious path we have passed. And it is natural that they believe in our vision of the country's development. Berdashen has a special place in our ambitious program.
It is, indeed, considered one of the golden valleys of our country, and people here have special skills of cultivating the land,” wrote Harutyunyan, in particular.