Armenia PM speaks at oath taking ceremony of Artsakh President-elect

I congratulate the fourth President of the Republic of Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan on assuming the post.

Armenia PM speaks at oath taking ceremony of Artsakh President-elect

Armenia PM speaks at oath taking ceremony of  Artsakh President-elect

STEPANAKERT, MAY 21, ARTSAKHPRESS: As “Artsakhpress” reports, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan  said during the event dedicated to the assumption of the post of the newly elected President of the Republic of  Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan.

Nikol Pashinyan noted that he is convinced that during Arayik Harutyunyan’s presidency, the cooperation between Artsakh and Armenia will become even more efficient.

"The Armenian government very attentively followed the election process in Artsakh. Before the elections, some predicted that a revolution will take place in Artsakh, while others predicted a counter-revolution. From the beginning, my position was that Artsakh should not be a stage for either revolution or counter-revolution.

 Pashinyan said, noting that the forces who are currently in authority,   both in the parliamentary and presidential elections have won a landslide victory, and Arayik Harutyunyan has been elected President of the Republic of  Artsakh.

Such elections consider that although no revolution has taken place in Artsakh, but Artsakh completely and undoubtedly is a part of the revolution.  With the result of the elections, the people of Artsakh have expressed their indubitable will to implement reforms and adopt a political guideline. In this regard, the newly elected government of the Republic of Artsakh  and the authorities of Armenia and Artsakh have a common responsibility to the Armenian people to carry out reforms both in Armenia and Artsakh.

People need to see and feel changes in the political, economic, social, anti-corruption, human rights, independent judiciary, freedom of speech, and the electoral system, justice and trust spheres. I am convinced that these changes will take place; this is not just a political statement, but a clearly formulated understanding, if not an agreement between the leaders of Armenia and Artsakh. I want to emphasize that I believe in the political will and determination of the people of Artsakh to follow the path of reforms and creative changes.

I believe  that Arayik Harutyunyan’s experience of  being Prime Minister of Artsakh  will help not repeat the mistakes of the past,” said Nikol  Pashinyan, in particular, adding that  it will help to draw on the lessons of the past.