Biden: 'Enormous damage' to US security agencies by Trump

Agencies critical to US security have suffered "enormous damage" at the hands of the Trump administration, US President-elect Joe Biden has said, according to BBC News.

Biden: 'Enormous damage' to US security agencies by Trump

Biden: 'Enormous damage' to US security agencies by Trump

STEPANAKERT, DECEMBER 29, ARTSAKHPRESS: Mr Biden said his team was not getting the information it needed, including from the Department of Defense, as it makes its transition to power.

He spoke after a briefing by national security and foreign policy aides.

Mr Biden takes office on 20 January but President Donald Trump has refused to accept defeat in November's election.

For weeks after the 3 November election, Mr Biden was blocked from receiving key intelligence briefings, an essential and normally routine part of a presidential transition.
Following Mr Biden's remarks on Monday, Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller said officials had been "working with the utmost professionalism to support transition activities".

"The Department of Defense has conducted 164 interviews with over 400 officials and provided over 5,000 pages of documents - far more than initially requested by Biden's transition team," he said.

A spokesman said the Pentagon had been "completely transparent" with the Biden team.