No damages reported in Armenian community due to protests in Tripoli, Lebanon

The Armenian community in Lebanon suffered no damages as a result of the protests in Tripoli, the second largest city of Lebanon, Editor-in-chief of Azdag daily Shahan Gantaharian informs.

No damages reported in Armenian community due to protests in Tripoli, Lebanon

No damages reported in Armenian community due to protests in Tripoli, Lebanon

STEPANAKERT, JANUARY 29, ARTSAKHPRESS-ARMENPRESS: “We have an Armenian church, school and club in Tripoli. The Armenian structures have not been damaged. The Armenian community in the city is small. No injuries have been reported among Armenians”, he said, adding that no one from the Armenian community is participating in the protests.

Gantaharyan called the overall situation concerning as the coronavirus situation, the financial crisis and the lockdown in the country have resulted in the citizens’ complaint. He said the banking system is not operating completely, there is unemployment, the Lebanese currency has depreciated.

Clashes erupted between the protesters and the police in Tripoli: injuries have been reported, stores have been damaged. The protesters have even entered into the building of the Tripoli city hall.

“Protests have also taken place in Beirut but with a smaller scale. The protesters have blocked the traffic, but the police managed to unblock it”, the representative of the Armenian community said.

The coronavirus disease has been spread a lot in the country, the death toll is growing. “Unfortunately, we also have deaths from the virus among the Armenian community. The hospitals are overloaded. And this leads to big problems”, he said.

Asked whether the Armenian community is currently facing social difficulties, Gantaharyan said “of course”. “The overall situation is such in the country. There is also political uncertainty, a prime minister has been appointed, but he hasn’t yet formed a cabinet. In other words, there is both political uncertainty, economic crisis and the coronavirus”, he said.

Gantaharyan, however, assured that the Armenian community in Lebanon continues delivering aid to the needy families through self-organization, they are trying to find a place for the COVID-19 infected people in hospitals, the respective services are operating. Flights from Beirut to Yerevan are carried out once a week.

The protests started in Tripoli on January 25: people demand to improve the living conditions, accuse the authorities of inaction and oppose the extended COVID-19 quarantine.