Artsakh Defense Army reports 52 more casualties

The Defense Army of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) has released the names of 52 more Armenian servicemen killed in the battles for the fatherland’s defense,

Artsakh Defense Army reports 52 more casualties

Artsakh Defense Army reports 52 more casualties

STEPANAKERT, FEBRUARY 5, ARTSAKHPRESS: The Defense Army presented the names of these soldiers who had fallen while defending Fatherland.

Spartak A. Margaryan, born in 2002

Yurik H. Gulabyan, born in 1999

Arman A. Manucharyan, born in 1997

Liparit A. Tadevosyan, born in 2001

Harutyun Ye. Tadevosyan, born in 2002

Sargis V. Khachatryan, born in 2001

David A. Tevosyan, born in 2001

Mher S. Arakelyan, born in 2000

Armen A. Chobanyan, born in 2001

Mayis Sh.Avetumyan, born in 2001

Israel G. Akinyan, born in 2001

Hovhannes V. Poghosyan, born in 2002

Tigran Zh. Poghosyan (reserve officer), born in 1990

Andranik A. Gevorgyan (volunteer), born in 1989

Armen N. Aslanyan (reserve officer), born in 1975

Husik G. Hovakimyan (reserve officer), born in 1996

Georgy A. Manucharyan (reserve officer), born in 1986

Varuzhan Ya. Harutyunyan (reserve officer), born in 1976

Ara V. Balayan, born in 1976

Aghasi V. Bezhanyan (reserve officer), born in 1989

Grigor L. Teymurazyan (reserve officer), born in 1998

Armen P. Nersesyan (reserve officer), born in 1980

Manuk S. Manukyan (reserve officer), born in 1970

Manuk G. Torosyan (reserve officer), born in 1985

Arayik P. Matevosyan (reserve officer), born in 1971

Hovsep M. Arakelyan (reserve officer), born in 1995

Melik R. Atoayan, born in 1989

Avag G. Revazyan, born in 1989

Sevak V. Ohanyan, born in 1985

Ashot M. Akoghyan, born in 1984

Mikayel G. Karapeyan (volunteer), born in 1993

Andranik M. Shahnazaryan (reserve officer), born in 1983

Tigran H. Avetisyan (reserve officer), born in 1990

Harutyun S. Mkrtchyan (reserve officer), born in 1993

Gevorg S. Arshakyan (reserve officer), born in 1992

Garik G. Barseghyan (reserve officer), born in 1983

Armen G. Martirosyan (reserve officer), born in 1986

Smbat M. Avetisyan (reserve officer), born in 1989

Sargis V. Harutyunyan (reserve officer), born in 1994

Roman S. Margaryan (reserve officer), born in 1995

Harutyun H. Andreasyan (reserve officer), born in 1990

Arman A. Ghazaryan, born in 2001

Narek R. Gevorgyan, born in 2000

Gevorg S. Babayan, born in 2001

Vahe M. Jivanyan, born in 2001

Mikayel D. Hovsepyan, born in 2000

Suren S. Khachatryan, born in 1979

Vahe A. Ghazaryan, born in 1977

Anush V. Zurabyan, born in 1967

Sargis F. Navasardyan, born in 1978