UNESCO warns of global water scarcity by 2030

The countries of the world do not care enough about the conservation of water resources, and this could cause a global water shortage of 40% within 10 years, EN24 reports, citing the annual report of UNESCO.

UNESCO warns of global water scarcity by 2030

UNESCO warns of global water scarcity by 2030

STEPANAKERT, MARCH 22 , ARTSAKHPRESS: The document was published on Monday, when World Water Day is celebrated.

According to the authors, the deficit may arise by 2030 and worsen due to other global problems, including the consequences of the pandemic. The authors note that the sanitary crisis has highlighted the problem of providing the population with water to meet hygienic needs.

The report also notes that it is necessary to reconsider the issue of the correct assessment of the cost of water resources, based not only on the market price of water, but also on the benefits that can bring its distribution. In particular, according to the study, every year children around the world miss 443 million school days due to diseases associated with lack or poor quality of water.

The authors of the report emphasize that at present there is no model that would allow such an assessment, but it is necessary to develop an integrated approach that would allow considering various aspects of water resources use in aggregate.