Herher's aid station and the club being renovated

The Herher community of Artsakh’s Martuni region lives its normal life.

Herher's aid station and the club being renovated

Herher's aid station and the club being renovated

STEPANAKERT, JUNE 16, ARTSAKHPRESS:  The head of the community, Arman Aleksanyan told "Artsakhpress".

 Arman Aleksanyan informed that the village suffered a lot of damage during the war. Two houses have been destroyed, one was set on fire and about hundred houses have been partially damaged.

“Seven families have resettled in the village after the war.  More thirty houses can be provided to the displaced families.

Since December 23, 2020, the village school has been reopened; 81 children attend the school. Unfortunately, we do not have a kindergarten. The celebrity hall is old and needs renovation. It has been a few days since the Tufenkian Charitable Foundation started the renovation of the aid station and the club.

 We have a gym built with the financial support of French-Armenian benefactors. Before the war, the road connecting the village with the highway had been asphalted. The village is gasified, provided with electricity. We have a water problem, but the village will have water from July 15,”said the head of the community.

Speaking about the employment of the villagers, the head of the community noted that the population is mainly engaged in cattle breeding, viticulture and the cultivation of vegetable crops.