The story of the Astoyan family from Artsakh's Jivani village

Due to the 44-day war, most of the population of Artsakh was forced to leave their homeland, settling in the settlements of Artsakh, which are under our control. One of these families is the Astoyan family. They have been displaced from the Jivani community of Artsakh’s Martuni region. Today, the family lives in the basement of one of the residential buildings in Stepanakert.

The story of the Astoyan family from Artsakh's Jivani village

The story of the Astoyan family from Artsakh's Jivani village

STEPANAKERT, AUGUST 14, ARTSAKHPRESS"Initially we were living in the Georgian city of Akhaltsikhe. My husband, Mels Astoyan, after graduating from the Agricultural Institute in the Russian Federation, returned to Artsakh 20 years ago.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէGetting acquainted with the area of the Jivani village, he started to build houses with a group of people in the village. He is one of the founders of that village.

 Unfortunately, today the village is under the control of the enemy. And we had to leave our village empty-handed. Thank God, we found this house. My grandchildren have to come to Artsakh to attend school, but as  they have nowhere to live, they still live in Armenia,” said Mrs. Anahit.

 She said that so far they have been able to cover their daily expenses to some extent thanks to the assistance provided to the displaced people.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ"My husband has been ill for more than ten years, he can't move on his own. Medicines are needed for his treatment. The Ministry of Labor and Social Migration of the Republic of Artsakh has provided medicines several times. Now I buy medicines in the amount of AMD 25,000 every month.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ

I have applied to the Rehabilitation Center for my husband to receive treatment there," Mrs. Anahit added.

"My husband taught Painting and Work at Jivani School. We were engaged in agriculture together. Everything was fine there, we lived a carefree life in our house full of warmth,” Mrs. Anahit said.

The Astoyan family needs financial assistance. If you have an opportunity to help the family please contact us by e-mail address: