An event dedicated to Hadrut Day held in Stepanakert

On August 16, on the initiative of the Hadrut Art School, a memorial evening, dedicated to the Revival Day of Artsakh’s Hadrut town and the establishment of the First Defense Region, was organized in the yard of the Charles Aznavour Culture Center.

An event dedicated to Hadrut Day held in Stepanakert

An event dedicated to Hadrut Day held in Stepanakert

STEPANAKERT, AUGUST 16, ARTSAKHPRESS: As "Artsakhpress" reports, the mayor of Hadrut, Vahan Savadyan, said: "Today we have gathered to highlight a day that is very important for us. On this day in 1992, the fate of Hadrut was determined.

The people of Hadrut did not surrender, but, giving a worthy counterattack to the enemy, kept the southern gate of Artsakh invincible. Every year festive events were organized on this day.

Today we must celebrate the day of the city, because we cannot forget our heroes, thanks to whom in 1994 the enemy was forced to sign a ceasefire agreement.

 One cannot but recall the heroes who gave their lives for  our freedom. We are confident that we will return to Hadrut one day,” said Vahan Savadyan, in particular.

Artsakh State Minister, Artak Beglaryan, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Artsakh, Hayk Khanumyan, the Head of the Education and Sports Department of the Hadrut Regional Administration A. Minasyan, guests and residents of Hadrut attended the event .