Development programs being implemented in Tsmakahogh

The community of Tsmakahogh of Artsakh’s Martakert region has 251 inhabitants.

Development programs being implemented in Tsmakahogh

Development programs being implemented in Tsmakahogh

STEPANAKERT, AUGUST 21, ARTSAKHPRESSAfter the war, all the residents have returned to the village.

The head of the community, Arthur Safaryan told "Artsakhpress" and noted: "6 families have been resettled in the village. We can accept 10 more families. Now 2 houses are being renovated to provide them. The school with 24 students has reopened since December.

On the initiative of the "Dream" Development Fund, the "Beekeeping Classes in the Schools of Artsakh Villages" program was launched in May, one of the first beneficiaries of the program were the schoolchildren of our village.

The third stage of the "Kaytser" military sports camp  has launched in the village today. The kindergarten of the village has 7 students. There is a community center in the community, an aid station, but the building conditions are in a bad condition. We have also a ceremony hall. The rural roads are in a deplorable condition.

We have a water supply problem in summer. The village is gasified and provided with electricity.

 The head of the community noted with regret that 3 of their fellow-villagers have fallen during the recent battles for the defense of the homeland.

 Speaking about the employment of the villagers, he noted that the majority of the population is engaged in cattle breeding and agriculture.