The presentation of the book "Unfinished Story" took place in Stepanakert

On August 29, the presentation of the book "Unfinished Story" by Angelina Arstamyan took place in Stepanakert.

The presentation of the book "Unfinished Story" took place in Stepanakert

The presentation of the book
STEPANAKERT, AUGUST 30, ARTSAKHPRESSAngelina is the widow of the immortal hero of the 44-Day Artsakh War, Karen Beglaryan.
The novel tells about the personal tragedy of Karen Beglaryan and Angelina Arstamyan.
It tells about the disasters of war; its destructive and terrifying impact in the lives of ordinary people. But "Unfinished Story" is also about love and devotion.
The great love that continues to live in the memory of those who incense the memory of Karen and the other heroes who  have fallen for the defense of our Homeland.
Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէԲնութագրությունը հասանալի չէIn an interview with "Artsakhpress, Angelina said: “There are stories that should remain only for me and Karen.
I believe that death is not the end of life. I believe that Karen is somewhere and we will meet again after the end of my life. If I live today, then I have a mission. So I live to find that mission.

I do not share my sorrow and grief with people; I share with them only my joys, happy and interesting moments. The story begins with a meeting with Karen and ends with his immortality.

I haven't written a single sentence about losing Karen. The book contains only small excerpts from the brightest and happiest moments with Karen. In my opinion, this land is not the one to be watered with tears. The honor of our heroes should be kept at a high level,” she said, in particular.

The attendees of the event expressed their thoughts and heartfelt wishes to Angelina. According to Sona Hambardzumyan, a member of the Artsakh Writers' Union, the book is a true love story.

"This is the best way that can immortalize Karen's memory,” she said.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէAccording to Angelina's lecturer, Zarine Sarajyan, the book is a unique monument of love, pain, humility and incense.

“Heroes do not die. Eternal glory and honor to our immortal heroes. I bow before all the mothers who gave birth to heroes. I bow before Karen’s mother Mrs. Alina Gabrielyan," said Z. Sarajyan.
Karen and Angelina's relatives and friends were present at the event.
Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ