Russia has made no decision yet to recognize Taliban

Moscow has made no decisions yet whether it should recognize the Taliban (outlawed in Russia), Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media on Tuesday, Tass informs.

Russia has made no decision yet to recognize Taliban

Russia has made no decision yet to recognize Taliban

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 7, ARTSAKHPRESS"You know that no decisions to recognize the Taliban have been made so far. Also, you know that we are keeping a close watch on what is happening there. What is most important, we are trying to understand to what extent the Taliban's promises and statements will correlate with their future actions," Peskov said, when asked for a comment on the Taliban's invitation to Russia to participate in a ceremony of presenting Afghanistan's new government.

Peskov stressed that it was important for Moscow to realize what the political system in Kabul under the Taliban would look like "in systemic and personal terms."

The Taliban's spokesman told Al Jazeera on Monday the Taliban had invited Russia, and also Turkey, China, Iran, Pakistan and Qatar to participate in ceremonies where Afghanistan's new government would be presented.

The Taliban launched a massive operation for establishing control of Afghanistan after the United Sates last spring declared the intention to withdraw its armed forces. On August 15, Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani stepped down and left the country. The Taliban entered Kabul without encountering any resistance. The movement's leaders have proclaimed complete victory.