Russia will not depend on anyone in maintaining its security. Lavrov

Amid the West-provoked unprecedented worsening of relations Moscow is keen to avoid dependence on anyone in maintaining its security, and for this purpose it is pushing ahead with import substitution for everything that depended on the technological dialogue with the Western countries, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the forum of modern journalism All Russia - 2021 on Friday, Tass informs.

Russia will not depend on anyone in maintaining its security. Lavrov

Russia will not depend on anyone in maintaining its security. Lavrov

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 11, ARTSAKHPRESS"The US-led West has opted for an unprecedented worsening of relations with Russia. Illegitimate sanctions are being imposed and other instruments of unfair competition are being employed. Attempts are being made to slow down our development. In the light of this attitude, we go ahead with import substitution in the broadest sense. We create alternatives to everything that has depended or still depends on our technological relations with the West. This applies to high technologies and defense technologies in the first place. Our purpose is to avoid dependence on anyone in the industries that are crucial to our security and everyday life," Lavrov stressed.

He pointed out, though, that Russia was by no means sliding towards autarchy, self-isolation or confrontation.

"We are open to cooperation with everybody who is prepared for it on an equitable basis, without any ultimatums or dictating and with reliance on the experience of diplomacy of negotiations, the search for compromises and a balance of interests," he went on to say.

If the West is ready to adhere to this approach in bilateral relations, "Russia will resume relations on a mutually beneficial basis as soon as tomorrow."

"But as long as we are not certain and cannot be certain about the reliability of our partners, we should create a safety net and, while staying open to the world, should not depend on this world in crucial, critically important branches of our life and development," Lavrov concluded.