U.S. does not seek 'new cold war', says Joe Biden

Delivering his first address at the UN General Assembly (UNGA), U.S. President Joe Biden said America was not seeking a “new Cold War” in a reference to the tensions between the U.S. and China. Biden said America was closing a chapter on “relentless war”, after its exit from Afghanistan and that it was opening a chapter on diplomacy, development and renewing democracy.

U.S. does not seek 'new cold war', says Joe Biden

U.S. does not seek 'new cold war', says Joe Biden

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 22, ARTSAKHPRESS: “We are not seeking a new Cold War, or a world divided into rigid blocs,” Mr. Biden said. “The United States is ready to work with any nation that steps up and pursues peaceful resolution to shared challenges, even if we have intense disagreement in other areas...” he said. The President did not name China.

He said America would compete vigorously and will stand up for its allies and oppose attempts by stronger countries to dominate weaker ones via changes to territory by force, economic coercion, technological exploitation or using information. Over the weekend, speaking to the Associated Press, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres had asked the U.S. and China to mend their “completely dysfunctional” relationship.

“We need to avoid at all cost a Cold War that would be different from the past one, and probably more dangerous and more difficult to manage,” Mr. Guterres had said.