Turkey offers Russia to join NATO

The new conditions in the world require an update of NATO, and for this Russia must first and foremost join the alliance. This is what reporter Mehmed Barlas said in an interview for the Turkish Sabah, informs.

Turkey offers Russia to join NATO

Turkey offers Russia to join NATO

STEPANAKERT, OCTOBER 25, ARTSAKHPRESS: According to him, currently, Europe, that is, NATO member states, exists because of Russia’s energy resources. In addition, Russia is more active in the fight against terrorism than NATO member states.

Barlas says internal clashes are causing the most harm to NATO now, not a country outside of the alliance. With this, he recalled the conflict between Turkey and Greece with regard to the territorial claims over Northern Cyprus, as well as the escalation of relations between Washington and Ankara.

“What is more interesting is the fact that NATO member Turkey is in deep conciliation and dialogue with Russia, which NATO views as an enemy,” Barlas wrote.

On Oct. 23, Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu declared that NATO is gradually deploying troops in the direction of the Russian border on the backdrop of Russia’s calls for restraint. According to Shoygu, security in Europe can only be common, without violating Russia’s interests, but NATO is still not ready for equal dialogue.