The ICRC provides greenhouses to residents of affected communities

The family of Gayane and Hovhannes Khachatryan from the Ashan community of Artsakh’s Martuni region became the first beneficiary of the greenhouse distribution program launched in October by the ICRC mission in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The ICRC provides greenhouses to residents of affected communities

The ICRC provides greenhouses to residents of affected communities

STEPANAKERT, NOVEMBER 2, ARTSAKHPRESS: After the 2020 Artsakh War, they could no longer cultivate the land, which was their main source of income.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէBy the end of this year, the ICRC plans to support 200 families in 12 communities in Martuni, Martakert and Askeran regions whose productive resources have been limited since the recent events, so they need to diversify their remaining resources.

Eteri Musayelyan, Head of the Information Department of the ICRC mission in Nagorno-Karabakh, told "Artsakhpress".

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ"Before choosing the communities and beneficiaries, the ICRC conducted a needs assessment. The residents of the communities of the selected villages were informed by the head of the community. Afterwards, the ICRC met with those interested in obtaining a greenhouse to explain the general terms and conditions of the project, such as access to water sources, land for the greenhouse, physical abilities of family members, and skills needed to further manage the project.

"In each selected community, with the participation of all beneficiaries, the ICRC team demonstrates the greenhouse installation so that they can do it on their own," said Musayelyan.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ

According to our interlocutor, the greenhouse donated by the ICRC has an area of 30 square meters. It is made of polycarbonate membrane and includes drip irrigation system.

''In addition, the ICRC provides vegetable seeds (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage), mineral fertilizers, agro-fiber to cover the seedlings in the cold season, to keep them in the shade in hot weather, a water tank for irrigation and other greenhouse facilities. This program of the ICRC aims to help affected farms to grow vegetables for their own consumption, thereby reducing food costs during the off-season,'' said Musayelyan. According to the beneficiary of the program Gayane Khachatryan, the greenhouse they received is a ray of hope for them, it makes them feel that there is someone who cares and takes care of them.