Hoping to find the lost... The story of a displaced family

Due to the recent 44-Day Artsakh War, the Abrahamyan family was forced was displaced from the Moshatagh community of Artsakh’s Kashatagh.

Hoping to find the lost... The story of a displaced family

Hoping to find the lost... The story of a displaced family

STEPANAKERT, NOVEMBER 17, ARTSAKHPRESS: The family has settled in Stepanakert in March.

 The mother of the family, 46-year-old Geghetsik Margaryan, told Artsakhpress that they lived in their house in Moshatagh for many years before the notorious war. She remembers those years with nostalgia. She was a teacher, and her husband worked at Karabakh Telecom. At the same time, they were engaged in cattle breeding and agriculture.

"My family consists of 5 members: my husband, two daughters, a son and me. My husband does not work. We can not find a job for him. Thanks to the will and kindness of good people, since September 1, 2021, I have been teaching "Chess" at Stepanakert School N7 after after Yeghishe Charents. "One of my daughters studies at the Hakob Gyurjyan Art School in Stepanakert, and the other at the Grigor Narekatsi University, and my son attends Stepanakert School N7," said G. Margaryan.

According to our interlocutor, like all displaced families, they also have a housing problem.

“Earlier we were living at my brother’s. We have found a house with great difficulty, but the rent is very expensive for us. To date, I have benefited from the financial support provided by the Red Cross Stepanakert Office to the minor children of displaced families, as well as from the programs implemented by the state," said Mrs. Geghetsik.

 She expressed hope that one day they will definitely return their village.