We will continue developing Machkalashen. Community Leader

The Machkalashen community of Artsakh’s Martuni region has 415 residents.

We will continue developing Machkalashen. Community Leader

We will continue developing Machkalashen. Community Leader

STEPANAKERT, NOVEMBER 25, ARTSAKHPRESS:  The head of the Machkalashen community Lernik Avanesyan told "Artsakhpress".

"After the war, 5 families with 7 people have settled in the village. These families had been receiving food and hygiene items from the ICRC for several months. We are ready to accept 15 more families in our village. The school building was renovated in 2016. 57 students study at school. 24 children attend the village kindergarten. There is an aid station in the village, which is named after Aram Hayrapetyan, a fellow villager who has fallen for the sake of the homeland. It was renovated by his parents. The ceremony hall was renovated by the efforts of fellow villagers living in Russia. The club is in a state of emergency. Some of the rural roads are paved, others need to be paved. The village is gasified, provided with electricity and round-the-clock water supply,” said the head of the community.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէHe noted the village suffered a lot of damage during the 44-day war.

"About 71 houses were damaged, 16 of them have beenrepaired. One residential house was completely destroyed, and a new residential house has been built with the support of the Tufenkian Charitable Foundation," said L. Avanesyan and noted with regret that during the recent Artsakh War, for the defense of Homeland, 11 fellow-villagers have fallen and 12 have been wounded during hostilities. Speaking about the employment of the residents, the head of the community said:

"The villagers are mainly engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, cultivation of vegetables. During the summer we worked in the mulberry orchards and vineyards. Recently, the ICRC has provided 39 greenhouses to the villagers. Some of the villagers are engaged in jam-making economy,” he said, assuring that the people of Machkalashen see their future only in their native village and will continue to prosper it.