"No difficulty can prevent us from living in our homeland." Head of the Kichan community

The Kichan community of Artsakh's Martakert region has 178 residents.

"No difficulty can prevent us from living in our homeland." Head of the Kichan community

STEPANAKERT, DECEMBER 15, ARTSAKHPRESS:   The head of the community, Arto Hakobyan told "Artsakhpress".

"After the 44-day war, two families displaced from Hovtashen community of Martakert region and Kashatagh region have settled in the village. The apartment provided to the displaced family from Kashatagh needs renovation. We have 6 houses in the free housing stock, which after renovation we will gladly provide to our displaced compatriots.

75 students study at the school. We have a lack of classrooms; the school does not have a gym. We do not have a kindergarten building. I have renovated two rooms of the medical center at my own expense. One room serves as a kindergarten, where 10 children attend, and in the other room we have located the municipality. We plan to renovate the former municipality building and turn it into a kindergarten. We have paved 300 meters from the rural roads, and we will pave more150 meters. We have a ceremony hall. The village is provided with electricity, water supply, it is not gasified, but the need is certainly felt, "said the head of the community.

Our interlocutor noted with regret that during the recent Artsakh War, 2 fellow villagers were killed and 1 was wounded. Speaking about the employment of residents and their plans, our interlocutor mentioned that after the war, about 20 hectares of the arable land has come under the control of the enemy, cattle belonging to the villagers often cross the enemy's territory and are not returned.

“People have cultivated their land, but we have not sowed the seeds yet, because it is impossible to calmly approach these places - the enemy is very close to us. There are various problems in the post-war period, but we do not despair, we continue to live in our homeland and develop it, ”A. Hakobyan said.