All the events planned for 2022 by the "Dizak Art" Center will be organized

"Dizak ART" cultural and youth center was opened in Yerevan on March 1, 2021, where the work of the culture and youth department of Hadrut district administration continues, as well as the activities of Hadrut Museum, Hadrut Regional Environmental Protection Service and the art schools are being regulated.

All the events planned for 2022 by the "Dizak Art" Center will be organized

All the events planned for 2022 by the

STEPANAKERT, JANUARY 20, ARTSAKHPRESS: In an interview  with "Artsakhpress", the co-founder of "Dizak Art" cultural and youth center Yerazik Hayriyan mentioned that since March 1, 2021 a number of programs have been implemented in the center.

We have organized events, competitions dedicated to museums, child protection, international day of youth and disabled days, meetings and discussions dedicated to the day of Hadrut, as well as a memorial party, round table discussions, children's painting competition, traditional national games, popularization of dishes of the region and other events. Such events are aimed at reviving the historical features of the Hadrut region, uniting the displaced people from Hadrut, as we are obliged to preserve the cultural heritage of Hadrut.

"I should mention that since September 1, an art school has been operating near the center, where work specialists from the areas that are under the control of the enemy. And about 70 children from displaced families study for free," said Hayriyan and added that all the events planned for 2022, which are considered annual, will be organized.