Belarus’ Lukashenko warns West against attacking Union State

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko warned the West against attacking the Union State, Tass informs.

Belarus’ Lukashenko warns West against attacking Union State

Belarus’ Lukashenko warns West against attacking Union State

STEPANAKERT, JANUARY 22, ARTSAKHPRESS: "We do not want war. Neither us, nor the Russians. But we build our security in order to protect ourselves. Should they not simply keep poking us constantly, but deploy their armies against us, threaten us, then we will hit so hard it won’t be pretty. It is impossible to defeat us," he told journalists Friday, adding that "this is not a threat, merely a warning."

"We are the kind of people who cannot be defeated both in terms of spirit and in terms of territory: from Brest to Vladivostok. Many have tried already, we remember that. You know how it ended. We do not try to get into anyone’s backyard, we have enough ground. God help us keep it and develop it. These are our goals. But I repeat, in case someone missed it: it won’t be pretty," Lukashenko said, according to his press service.

He admitted that he could have never imagined that he would need to build defenses against his own kind one day.

"To build not a simple fence, but the most expensive security system at the southern border," he explained.

Lukashenko underscored that Minsk and Moscow do not want a war, because "it will affect everyone."

"This is why we do not want to fight a war. We also do not want it because we remember the war that we had seventy years ago," the President said.