Armenian Armed Forces celebrate 30th anniversary of foundation

The Republic of Armenia and Armenians around the world celebrate the 30th anniversary of foundation of the Armenian Armed Forces on January 28.

Armenian Armed Forces celebrate 30th anniversary of foundation

Armenian Armed Forces celebrate 30th anniversary of foundation

STEPANAKERT, JANUARY 28, ARTSAKHPRESS-ARMENPRESS: The formation of the Armenian Armed Forces coincides with 1992-1994, when the newly independent Republic of Armenia, along with the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, being in undeclared but de facto war with Azerbaijan, simultaneously embarked on the creation of a national army. The Declaration of Independence of 1990, however, played a decisive role in the creation of the Armenian Army.

On January 28, 1992, the Government adopted the historic decision titled “On the Defense Ministry of Armenia”, heralding the formation of the Armenian Armed Forces. In May of 1992, the Defense Ministry carried out the first drafting.

The establishment of the Armenian Armed Forces passed through several stages. The first stage lasted from February 1988 to May 1992. In this period, ensuring the safety and security of the populations of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh was more than pressing, as the Karabakh Movement became active and the Armenian-Azerbaijani relations escalated.

The second stage, June 1992 – May 1994, when the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh were in the crosshairs of the Azerbaijani aggression.

The third stage began since June 1994 and continues to present day. During this period, significant works were carried out in the direction of improving the combat readiness of the troops, strengthening discipline, training of officers, Army-public relations etc.

In September of 1990, the special regiment of Yerevan was formed, while five companies were established in Ararat, Goris, Vardenis, Ijevan and Meghri. In 1991, the Government approved the formation of the State Committee of Defense.

Men aged 18-27 are subject to compulsory military service in Armenia for a two year period. Drafting is carried out twice a year – in winters and summers. In 2017 the Defense Ministry introduced “I am”, “I have honor” and “Outlook” service options.

Since its establishment, the Armenian Armed Forces have cooperated and continue cooperating with international organizations.

On May 15, 1992, Armenia became a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

Military cooperation with Russia has a great role in the international cooperation field of the Armenian Armed Forces. Russia is Armenia’s strategic partner and the defense cooperation between the states is on a high level.

Cooperation with NATO is also expanding year by year.

The Armenian Armed Forces greatly focus on training and educating highly skilled personnel. With this purpose, the Military aviation college was formed, which later transformed into the Military-Aviation institute, the Defense Ministry’s Command College was established – currently the Vazgen Sargsyan Military Institute, and the military-medical faculty of the Yerevan State Medical University.

Graduates of the abovementioned institutions have continued trainings in foreign educational facilities. Namely, more than 1500 officers and cadets have trained and continue training in Russia and Greece.

Armenian peacekeepers have a significant role in the history of the Armenian Armed Forces. Due to the peacekeepers, various countries around the world saw and appreciated the highly skilled and professional Armenian soldiers.

On February 12, 2004, Armenia deployed a platoon-sized unit (three squads) to Kosovo to join the NATO peacekeeping mission as part of the Greek peacekeeping contingent.

In 2005, Armenia deployed peacekeeping forces consisting of sappers, engineers and doctors to Iraq. The mission was on duty until 2009.

Armenian servicemen are carrying out peacekeeping missions also in Afghanistan since 2010.

Since November 26, 2014, Armenian peacekeepers are deployed in Lebanon, within the UNIFIL.

In 2015, one peacekeeper was dispatched to Mali on a monitoring-peacekeeping mission.

The Armenian Army has been and will remain the guarantor of security and borders of Armenia.






Azerbaijanis shoot at Artsakh residents working in vineyard

On 15 March, at around 11:00, Martuni regional police department received a report that three citizens of Artsakh, who were trimming vineyards in the Amaras Valley, came under indiscriminate fire from small arms from adjacent Azerbaijani military positions, Artsakh Ministry of Internal Affairs informed.

Armenia Armed Forces did not open fire toward Azerbaijani positions

The statement released by the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan claiming that from 00:15 to 02:30 March 15 the units of the Armed Forces of Armenia opened fire at Azerbaijani positions deployed in the eastern part of the Armenian-Azerbaijani borderline is untrue.”

Artsakh army did not fire at Azerbaijani positions

The statement released by the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan claiming that Defense Army units periodically opened fire on March 15 at Azerbaijani positions deployed in the occupied territories of Martuni and Askeran regions in the Republic of Artsakh is yet another disinformation.”

The rescue workers, accompanied by Russian peacekeepers, convoyed the RA citizens who remained in Artsakh. Ministry of Internal Affairs regarded news spread by Azerbaijan as disinformation

Yesterday, on March 13, the Azerbaijani media spread another disinformation that servicemen and weapons were transported from Armenia to Artsakh accompanied by Russian peacekeeping troops, attaching a video of a small convoy of vehicles. In fact, in the video published by the Azerbaijani side, there are not military vehicles, but vehicles belonging to the State Emergency Service.