Search-and-rescue operations resume at Surmalu trade center

The search-and-rescue operations in the Surmalu trade center resumed Thursday morning, the Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Pambukhchyan told reporters.

Search-and-rescue operations resume at Surmalu trade center

Search-and-rescue operations resume at Surmalu trade center

STEPANAKERT, AUGUST 18, ARTSAKHPRESS-ARMENPRESS: “The [search-and-rescue operations] resumed at 08:30. Right now the search-and-rescue operation is carried out in the presumed epicenter. According to preliminary information a person was in that section when the explosion happened. Now the efforts are focused there,” he said.

After completing the search-and-rescue efforts authorities will determine what to do with the semi-collapsed building.

Pambukhchyan said they have the sufficient number of experts and specialists and there was no need to ask other countries for help.

"From the very beginning the volunteers from the Armenian Red Cross and representatives of the VOMA organization were working with us, our colleagues from the Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Response Center were also here, our Belgian colleagues who were here also joined us. I’d like to emphasize that we didn’t have the need of any additional manpower or equipment during these days. Our capacities are sufficient,” Pambukhchyan said.





Three patients from Stepanakert transferred to Yerevan with mediation of ICRC

Due to the blocking by Azerbaijan of the only road connecting Artsakh with Armenia, three patients from the Republican Medical Center the Republic of Artsakh with the following diagnoses: Cancer of the antrum of the stomach with damage to the regional lymph nodes, Left breast cancer, Valgus deformity of paired knee, condition after hemiepiphysiodesis, have been transported today, in January 27, to specialized medical centers of Armenia with the mediation and escort of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Artsakh InfoCenter informs.

More than 250 tons of humanitarian aid donated to Artsakh still remain in Goris. Artsakh InfoCenter

100 tons of food donated by the "Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund for the people of Artsakh to alleviate the humanitarian crisis caused by Azerbaijan's closure of the only road connecting Artsakh with the outside world, as well as more than 250 tons of humanitarian aid donated by a number of Armenian and foreign charitable organizations, and New Year's gifts prepared for the children of Artsakh , still remain in Goris and cannot be delivered to Artsakh due to the road closure.

Gas supply to Stepanakert residents to be restored today

Gas supply for the population of Stepanakert will be restored on January 26, the Information Headquarters of Artsakh said in a statement.

Msmna. Blockade. Day 46

Due to the blockade of the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia, the residents of the Msmna community of the Martuni region of the Republic of Artsakh are facing a number of difficult problems.