A cross procession held in Stepanakert

On September 27, with the participation of thousands of citizens, in memory of the martyred heroes of the Third Artsakh War, a cross procession was held in the Artsakh capital from the yard of St. Hakob Church.

A cross procession held in Stepanakert

A cross procession held in Stepanakert

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 27, ARTSAKHPRESS: As "Artsakhpress" informs, before the start of the cross-procession, Deputy leader of Artsakh Diocese of Armenian Apostolic Church, Archimandrite Sahak Shakaryan addressed those gathered.

4.jpg (492 KB)3.jpg (292 KB)"After two years, we have gathered again to jointly commemorate the memory of our holy brothers and sisters who were martyred in the 44-day war. The Holy Book says that God forgives only after repentance. Today, we should be balanced and try our national potential, that is, with the help of the cross, to show our God-given national grace, anchored on faith in order to reawaken and brighten our country. Today is a moment to look into our soul and let it be a day of rebirth for each of us," said Father Sahak Shakaryan, in particular.

6.jpg (471 KB)The attendees observed a minute of silence in memory of the martyrs of the Artsakh wars and prayed together, then marched to the Stepanakert Memorial Complex.

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Azerbaijanis shoot at Artsakh residents working in vineyard

On 15 March, at around 11:00, Martuni regional police department received a report that three citizens of Artsakh, who were trimming vineyards in the Amaras Valley, came under indiscriminate fire from small arms from adjacent Azerbaijani military positions, Artsakh Ministry of Internal Affairs informed.

Armenia Armed Forces did not open fire toward Azerbaijani positions

The statement released by the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan claiming that from 00:15 to 02:30 March 15 the units of the Armed Forces of Armenia opened fire at Azerbaijani positions deployed in the eastern part of the Armenian-Azerbaijani borderline is untrue.”

Artsakh army did not fire at Azerbaijani positions

The statement released by the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan claiming that Defense Army units periodically opened fire on March 15 at Azerbaijani positions deployed in the occupied territories of Martuni and Askeran regions in the Republic of Artsakh is yet another disinformation.”

The rescue workers, accompanied by Russian peacekeepers, convoyed the RA citizens who remained in Artsakh. Ministry of Internal Affairs regarded news spread by Azerbaijan as disinformation

Yesterday, on March 13, the Azerbaijani media spread another disinformation that servicemen and weapons were transported from Armenia to Artsakh accompanied by Russian peacekeeping troops, attaching a video of a small convoy of vehicles. In fact, in the video published by the Azerbaijani side, there are not military vehicles, but vehicles belonging to the State Emergency Service.