''Artsakh Blockade. 100 Days''. Rally held in Stepanakert

On March 21, on the initiative of the Artsakh Youth Union of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and with the participation of youth and non-governmental organizations operating in Artsakh, a rally entitled “Artsakh Blockade. 100 Days”, was held in Stepanakert's Revival Square.

''Artsakh Blockade. 100 Days''. Rally held in Stepanakert

''Artsakh Blockade. 100 Days''. Rally held in Stepanakert

STEPANAKERT,  MARCH 21 , ARTSAKHPRESS: The goal of the gathering was to make the voice of the Artsakh citizen heard, to express the determination of their struggle and to prove the united will of the Armenian people.

Нет описания.Нет описания.The rally was started by commemorating the martyred heroes who sacrificed their lives for the defense of Artsakh.

"Today we have united around a common goal: the determination to live in Artsakh. It's been 100 days since Artsakh under the fruitless concerns and statements of the international community has been under the blockade artificially created by Azerbaijan. 100 days in itself has no meaning, but it is a serious period to analyze the life lived by the people of Artsakh and the difficulties we have endured.

Нет описания.We have suffered and continue to suffer many domestic difficulties, but along with this, we have discovered our hidden qualities: patience, forgiveness, simple human contacts, from which we were far away. And, contrary to the wishes of those who created this blockade, we continue to stick to our land," Father Vachagan Gyurjian, Director of the Center for Christian Education of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, said in his speech.

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