Exclusive. Diaspora Celebrities made a statement in Artsakh (Video)

At the "Tufenkian" foundation initiative, the press conference of the famous Armenian culture workers of Diaspora Serzh Tankian, Arsinee Khanjian, Atom Egoyan and Eric Nazaryan was held in Stepanakert on April 3.

Exclusive. Diaspora Celebrities made a statement in Artsakh (Video)

STEPANAKERT, APRIL 4 ARTSAKHPRESS:  The Tufenkian Foundation's Executive Director Raffi Doudaklian in his opening speech noted that they have arrived in Artsakh with a three-day visit to get acquainted with the local life and to associate with the Artsakh people.

Arsinee Khanjian on behalf of Serj Tankian, Atom Egoyan, Eric Nazarian and  on her own behalf made a statement, urging the culture workers of the world to visit Artsakh and support the people of Artsakh who continue to write, compose, play and paint even when they are isolated from the world because of the war. During the conference, they talked about the aim of their visit to Artsakh.

Afterwards, they answer the journalists’ questions. In the response to "Artsakhpress" question on cultural programs concerning Artsakh, the famous musician and composer Serj Tankian said that last year he composed the score for the Jivan Avetisyan's feature film “The Last Resident”.

"It was my first creative relationship with Artsakh, and we worked very well together. We have arrived here to establish relations,” said S. Tankian, adding that he thinks of the organization of a concert in Artsakh.

Arsinee Khanjian noted that the world known culture workers should touch upon the Artsakh topic, which is very important. “It would be better to present the works of the Artsakh people in different corners of the world for the recognition of Artsakh,” she said and added: “ If we do not live here, it does not mean that we have no responsibilities."

Famous film director, screenwriter Atom Egoyan said he is looking for stories that are going to be really influential; for shooting a film about Artsakh. "For example, the Shushi’s story is quite powerful. Even script is written on this subject. Soon I will get acquainted with it,” he said.

Film director and screenwriter Eric Nazarian said that they aim to assist Artsakh authors, young people to shoot a film on Artsakh. As they have felt the horror of the war on their own back, which is very important for correct reproduction and representation.