German diplomats published an article about Artsakh

An article entitled "Nagorno Karabakh adopted a new constitution; Observers’ impressions” has been published in German "ADK” magazine.

German diplomats published an article about Artsakh

German diplomats published an article about Artsakh

STEPANAKERT, MAY 3,  ARTSAKHPRESS: The article was co-authored by two former Ambassadors of Germany to Armenia Reiner Morell (2012-2015) and Hans-Jochen Schmidt (2009-2012), who on February 20 carried out an observation mission at the Constitutional Referendum held in Artsakh.

They shared their impressions and assessments in the article.

The German observers noted that despite the difficult situation in which the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh has been for a long time (the war imposed by Azerbaijan from the very beginning of building its statehood, then the 1994 international ceasefire agreement with Azerbaijan, which was violated continuously, up to renewed military attack along the border by Azerbaijan on April 2) in 2006 democratic Constitution has been declared in Artsakh, and  according to the constitution democratic institutions  have been built.

"This referendum, as well as the previous referendums and parliamentary and presidential elections strengthened the international legal efficiency of NKR de facto state," said the article's co-author Morel and, touching upon the conflict between Azerbaijan and Karabakh, said that the conflict in 21st century can only be solved at the negotiation table.

In his turn Schmidt noted that it is gratifying that the Constitutional Referendum held in Artsakh on Feb. 20 in 2017 was held in accordance with internationally accepted standards."And this political event cannot be underestimated, considering the fact that the political image in the neighborhood of  Artsakh more and more is being expressed with authoritarian, family dynasty despotic management processes," said Schmidt.

The two diplomats also referred to the fact that the referendum was organized on a high level of democracy, no pressures on voters or violations in the electoral process were registered. They also noted that the opinions of the public and government representatives concerning the management and security issues were very similar. They noted that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict should be resolved on compromise, which will greatly improve the socio-economic situation of the South Caucasus civil society.