The Name of Jivan Avetisyan's new Film is already known. Exclusive Interview with Jivan Avetisyan

The new film, the shootings of which we are going to carry out next year, will be called "Gate to Heaven."

The Name of Jivan Avetisyan's new Film is already known. Exclusive Interview with Jivan Avetisyan

The Name of Jivan Avetisyan's new Film is already known. Exclusive Interview with Jivan Avetisyan

STEPANAKERT, MAY 3,  ARTSAKHPRESS: The well-known Armenian filmmaker Jivan Avetisyan said in an exclusive interview with “Artsakhpress”, adding that that the most part of the film will be shot again in Artsakh, and places for shootings have been already chosen.

"We have the first version of the screenplay, with which on May 17-25 I will go to Cannes film market, for working on film promotion," said J. Avetisyan, without disclosing details of the screenplay.

Speaking about “The Last Inhabitant” film, the director of the film Jivan Avetisyan said that it has been shown in Lebanon, the Russian Federation and the United States and found a warm reception.

"I should admit that in Lebanon, particularly in Beirut and Anjar, the film was admitted warmly not only by Armenians but also by Arabs. In particular, there were representatives from the world of cinema and media field. In Moscow the film was also admitted warmly, and was attended by the representative of the Republic of Artsakh and Ambassador of Armenia.

But the film screening at the legendary Alex Theatre in Glendale was especially remarkable. Film’s American premiere in the western coast organized by the Artsakh Arts and Cultural Foundation, especially thanks to the executive producer of “ The Last Inhabitant”, Adrineh Mirzayan’s perfect work and great efforts we had a truly wonderful evening, unique in its kind.

And for me also, it was particularly important, since the film united people of different stratum of society:  artists, clergymen, politicians, highly respected and accomplished individuals in their field, businessmen. As a result, interest aroused toward my next film," particularly said J. Avetisyan.

As he informed, this year at the beginning of May,  the film’s screenings   will  continue in Iran, at the end of May in Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, in autumn-in  the western and the eastern coast of  America, in Canada, Australia, then in the European continent- UK Italy, Lithuania, Greece.

“Of course, we will continue to work. It pursues   very important objective; to show film in different cinemas of these countries, as well as for foreign audience. It is very important to show the foreigners our history.

 At first, our goal was to make a film for the sake of art. Thanks to the film we are able to present Artsakh, Artsakh’s character, morals and traditions, its wonderful nature to the world. The film may also attract new tourists to visit Artsakh. I'm trying to make Artsakh recognizable with my works and activities, "said Jivan Avetisyan, adding that in July they are going to show film in Shushi and will also organize the week of the film in his home village Khachmach, where the film was shot.

Interview by Vehanush Hovsepyan