Screening of author films in village Khachmach, Artsakh

''On July 14-16,we will launchauthor films screeningsin my native village Khachmach of Askeran district. My three films will give the kick-start''.

Screening of author films in village Khachmach, Artsakh

Screening of author films in village Khachmach, Artsakh

JULY 7, STEPANAKERT, ARTSAKHPRESS: This is whatJivan Avetisyan, the famous Film director from Artsakh,said to ''Artsakhpress'' journalist, furthermore informing that his films''Broken Childhood'', ''Tevanik'', and ''The Last Inhabitant''will be screened in Khachmachon July 14, 15 and 16 respectively.

''It should be mentioned that this initiative is going to be a recurrent one; every year we will invite film industry representatives, Film directors from Armenia and abroad, who will express a wish to screen their films in Artsakh. I have already presented our initiativeunder the heading''Big Film in a Small Village'' to the Minister of Culture and Youth of Artsakh, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Artsakh, Sergey Shahverdyan, Deputy Minister of Economics of Artsakh, and have received their kind approval of the idea. I have also presented this idea to my colleagues from the US – Founders of ''ARTsakh Arts and Cultural Foundation''Garo Madenian and AdrinehMirzayan, who is also Executive producer of the film ''The Last Inhabitant. They also warmly welcomed it.

The main objective of this initiative is to make our homeland known to the internationalcommunity. Foreign filmmakers, directors and actors will come to Artaskh; they will see and get enchanted by its fascinating nature, will visit its historic places, will communicate with the local people, will learn about their problems, will come to know Artsakh and its people and eventually will familiarize themselves with the historic past and present of the Armenian nation in general.

In the result, besides contributing to the development of the Armenian cinematography, this initiative will help raise awareness about Artsakh in the creative circles'', said the Film director and added that his film ''The Last Inhabitant''will be also screened in ''Narekatsi'' film center of Shushi on July 22.

When talking about the screenings of the film “The Last Inhabitant”, Jivan Avetisyanmentioned that the film was included in ''Panorama'' non-official program of the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival being screened for 5 times while the main official screening is scheduled for June 25.  

''In this framework, the Co-producer of the film, Kestutis Drazdauskas (Lithuania), and Executive producer, AdrinehMirzayan (US), joined me in Shanghai. I shall confess that participation of the film in such a prestigious film festival is already a great success. We got many positive and sincere feedbacks from the Organizers of the Film festival. The film aroused great interest with its story, cast and message. Of course, some part of the audience was aware, but still a large majority had no idea about Artsakh, Artsakhconflict and I am very happy that the film serviced its objective with this regard.

The foreign audience came up with many questions. The attendees were interested in the solution of the conflict, the destiny of the nation. The Chinese displayed their special attitude towards the Armenians. The film helped present the history of the people of Artsakh, tell about their shuttered lives'', saidJivan Avetisyan adding that soon they will present the film to a number of other international film festivals as well.

Talking about his new film project "Gate to Heaven",Jivan Avetisyanmentioned, ''We are back from the Cannes film market with outstanding achievements. The works are in progress but there is still much to be accomplished. We will speak about the outcomes later. With regard to the new film project, I am currently busy with the preparatory works in Artsakh''.

Also, the Film director has been giving master classes in cinematography in ''TumoCenter for Creative Technologies'' in Stepanakert since July 3. The course is entitled ''The Hero of Our Times''.

''Within three weeks, the kids shall make three separate films. The shooting activities will take place in Stepanakert. The kids are so talented, and our mission is to fostertheir talent. They are all free to create, my only advice to them is to create something that is unbiased, sincere and interesting'', said Jivan Avetisyan.

By Vehanush Hovsepyan