Screening of “The Last Inhabitant” by Jivan Avetisyan in Venice Film Festival

Following its international premiere in the framework of Shanghai International Film Festival, ''The Last Inhabitant'' by Jivan Avetisyan will soon be screened in Italy during Venice Film Festival.

Screening of “The Last Inhabitant” by Jivan Avetisyan in Venice Film Festival

Screening of “The Last Inhabitant” by Jivan Avetisyan in Venice Film Festival

STEPANAKERT, AUGUST 7, ARTSAKHPRESS:  In September, ''Fish eye Art'' Cultural Foundation, by the initiative of its Italian Partner Blue Knowledge Association, in the name and on behalf of its Director Orietta Trevisanato Zampieri, is planning a film presentation and screenings in Italy in the framework of Venice Film Festival. With this regard, various meetings and discussions on ''The Last Inhabitant'' by Jivan Avetisyan, as well as his new film project ''Gate to Heaven'' and some other upcoming projects, are scheduled with prominent representatives of film industry, distributors and sales agents.

''We need to ensure a qualitative increase of the Armenian film industry worldwide, contributing to the improvement of its reputation on international platforms. I target this goal via my film; I aim at drawing attention to the Armenian cinematography and thus raising issues of pan-Armenian nature, including that of Karabakh. The screenings of the film ''The Last Inhabitant'' in Cannes Film Market, Shanghai and Venice Film Festivals are the tangible outcomes of all our efforts. We are always open for suggestions and cooperation in favor of the development of the Armenian cinematography and implementation of our joint objectives. On the way to our goals, we appreciate not only individual initiatives but also state support and coordination which creates additional opportunities on international platforms both for the film projects and the state itself most particularly when referring to military issues'', said Jivan Avetisyan.

On September 5 the film ''The Last Inhabitant'' will be screened at Venice production Bridge Film Festival. The screening will be attended by the crew and cast of the film as well as many distinguished guests. On September 7 a press conference will be held with the participation of the film crew. It will be broadcast by the Italian Antenna Cinema 24. Besides the Director, Producer Kestutis Drazdauskas (Lithuania) and Executive producer Adrineh Mirzayan (US) will also attend the Press conference. The well-known writer Antonia Arslan will make a speech about the film at the Press conference. The Armenian audience knows her mostly from the novel ''The Lark Farm'' based on which a feature film was shot by brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani.

It should also be mentioned that the screenings of the film ''The Last Inhabitant'' in Italy are organized under the high auspice and direct engagement of Luca Zaia, Governor of Veneto (Administrative district of Venice).






Azerbaijanis shoot at Artsakh residents working in vineyard

On 15 March, at around 11:00, Martuni regional police department received a report that three citizens of Artsakh, who were trimming vineyards in the Amaras Valley, came under indiscriminate fire from small arms from adjacent Azerbaijani military positions, Artsakh Ministry of Internal Affairs informed.

Armenia Armed Forces did not open fire toward Azerbaijani positions

The statement released by the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan claiming that from 00:15 to 02:30 March 15 the units of the Armed Forces of Armenia opened fire at Azerbaijani positions deployed in the eastern part of the Armenian-Azerbaijani borderline is untrue.”

Artsakh army did not fire at Azerbaijani positions

The statement released by the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan claiming that Defense Army units periodically opened fire on March 15 at Azerbaijani positions deployed in the occupied territories of Martuni and Askeran regions in the Republic of Artsakh is yet another disinformation.”

The rescue workers, accompanied by Russian peacekeepers, convoyed the RA citizens who remained in Artsakh. Ministry of Internal Affairs regarded news spread by Azerbaijan as disinformation

Yesterday, on March 13, the Azerbaijani media spread another disinformation that servicemen and weapons were transported from Armenia to Artsakh accompanied by Russian peacekeeping troops, attaching a video of a small convoy of vehicles. In fact, in the video published by the Azerbaijani side, there are not military vehicles, but vehicles belonging to the State Emergency Service.