Canadian Members of Parliament made a press conference in Stepanakert

Canadian Members of Parliament Tony Clement, Rachael Harder and OFWI ( “One Free World International) President and Founder Majed EL Shafie made a press conference in Stepanakert.

Canadian Members of Parliament made a press conference in Stepanakert

Canadian Members of Parliament made a press conference in Stepanakert

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 2, ARTSAKHPRESS: In an interview with “Artsakhpress”, Majed EL Shafie informed that Tony Clement and Rachael Harder joined the Fact-Finding Mission of OFWI to investigate reports of war crimes by Azerbaijani military forces.Majed EL Shafie noted that OFWI concluded a four-day fact-finding mission to Armenia and Artsakh to investigate reports of war crimes committed by Azerbaiajni forces during the April 2016 war between Artsakh and Azerbaijan.

“The international community must do more to restore stability to the region and prosecute those responsible for violations of human rights and indiscriminate attacks on civilians.From the beheading of Artsakh Defense Army soldiers, to mutilation and indiscriminate killing of civilians, to the coordinated nature of the military activity, Azerbaijani AF posted graphic images and videos of the atrocities on social media throughout the conflict.

OFWI will write to Canadian authorities and continue to shine a spotlight on these shocking human rights violations to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In light of these findings, the Government of Canada needs to review the sale of Canadian arms and military equipment and halt the exports until the Azerbaiajni government lives up to its international human rights obligations,” Majed EL Shafie noted.

Tony Clement in his speech noted that in Artsakh he had met with parents who lost relatives during two conflicts.As to the reactions in Azerbaijan concerning our visit, they threaten us. "I am here to find out the truth within the frameworks of the humanitarian mission.

If Azerbaijan is hostile towards me, I can imagine how they treat their neighbors. In this regard, I do not condemn the Azerbaijani people, but only wish peace, and this is the attitude we have towards the Azerbaijani government and people, "said Tony Clement.

Rachael Harder shared her impressions got in Artsakh and talked about the purpose of their visit.

"We are here for two main reasons: to meet with Artsakh and Armenian officials, military personnel and the families of the war veterans. And the second reason is to see the real picture of the war, to understand and to hear the opinions of the local people who passed through all these and now only want peace.

At the end of the meeting they answered the journalists’ questions.