Turkish intellectuals held a press conference in Stepanakert

At the initiative of Aragats Akhoyan, founding member of the National Council of the National Congress of Western Armenians international organization, a group of Turkish socio-political and cultural figures who arrived in Artsakh on an acquaintance visit held a press conference in Stepanakert on Sept.24.

Turkish intellectuals held a press conference in Stepanakert

Turkish intellectuals held a press conference in Stepanakert

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 25, ARTSAKHPRESS: Ufuk Uras, co-founder and member of social liberal Greens and the Left Party of the Future, Head of "Ankara Platform of Thought" NGO, and deputy of the Turkish parliament of the 23rd convocation Ufuk Uraz said that they are very impressed with the visit to Artsakh.

According to him, they want Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide, and they also want the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict to have a peaceful solution.

"There is a law in terms of the international law. “Who does not sit at the table is not right. “We must first put aside who is right and who is not, and sit at a common table to speak and find solutions, "said Ufuk Uras and added that Artsakh officials’ idea that issues should be resolved peacefully is encouraging for them.

According to him, societies generally tend to see only their pain. "We must understand that these are our common pain. We are making the function of informing the society, and we will try to convey our impressions to the Turkish public after this visit,” said U. Uras.

In response to the question of "Artsakhpress", whether they are not afraid of being added in the "black list" of Azerbaijan after visiting Artsakh, Uras replied with this proverb: “The one who is caught in the rain isn't afraid to get wet.” I do not know what political consequences will have our visit in Baku because we know that there is a wave of protest in this regard, but we want to say that this is also for them.

We want peace. That is why we have visited Artsakh ", said the Turkish politician. The writer and activist Said Chekinoglu noted that he came from a place where for many years  genocide was committed against Armenians, Pontus Greeks and Assyrians. "I am a genocide expert, human rights defender and, coming here, I came to the conclusion that there is a common connection between the genocide and the Artsakh issue," said Chekinoglu.

 Referring to the issue of the Armenian Genocide, the Turkish intellectual said that the Ottoman Turkey’s allies Germany and Austria, having their share of guilt in the Armenian genocide, officially recognized the Armenian Genocide, but modern Turkey continues to reject it, which is the restoration of the Armenian-Turkish relations. "I think the border with Armenia should be unconditionally opened, as the most part of Turkish society support the normalization of relations with Armenia, opening the borders," he said.