Members of Depi Hayk Foundation are in Artsakh

Members of Depi Hayk (Birthright Armenia) Foundation are in Artsakh on a four-day visit.

Members of Depi Hayk Foundation are in Artsakh

Members of  Depi Hayk  Foundation are in Artsakh


STEPANAKERT, OCTOBER 23, ARTSAKHPRESS:In an interview with “Artsakhpress”, Sevan Kabakian, Executive Director of Birthright said that "Depi Hayk" was founded in 2004.
“It's mission is to strengthen ties between the homeland and Diasporan youth by affording them an opportunity to be a part of Armenia's daily life and to contribute to Armenia's development through work, study and volunteer experiences, while developing life-long personal ties and a renewed sense of Armenian identity,” he said and added that "The Birthright Armenia” Foundation offers Diaspora Armenian youth free Armenian language courses, seminars, medical insurance, cognitive excursions, hospitality in Armenian families, etc.
Applicants need only be of Armenian descent, between the ages of 20–32, and must agree to a minimum 2 months stay.
He also noted that the foundation has 220 members and the number of members increases year by year.
According to the director of the fund, they visit Artsakh 2-3 times a year. This time their group includes about 100 people from 15 countries of the world.
"About 1,500 volunteers from 48 countries of the world have been in Artsakh within the framework of our program. Every time visiting Artsakh, they feel great pride that in this small and cozy corner of the world there is a part of the Armenian people who cling to their land and defend their freedom and independence at the cost of life.
“After this visit, one of our volunteers has already decided to stay for a month and work with the children of Artsakh's wiki club to teach them Spanish, "said the director.
The volunteers were in Shoushi, Azokh Cave, Gandzasar, as well as met with soldiers guarding the border of the homeland.