Artsakh Parliament Convokes Regular Plenary Session

November 30, the parliament of Artsakh convened the regular plenary sitting of the sixth session.

Artsakh Parliament Convokes Regular Plenary Session

Artsakh Parliament Convokes Regular Plenary Session

STEPANAKERT, DECEMBER 1, ARTSAKHPRESS:Opening the session, NA President Ashot Ghoulyan touched upon the preliminary discussions of the 2018 budget and the legislative initiatives in the committees and factions.

Starting the session, Parliament heard to the Chairman of the State Committee Hakob Ghahramanyan on public services and economic competition in the 2018 annual program.

Then, taking into consideration the timeframes established by the Constitution and the requirements of the Article 127 of the Law on the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, the plenary session has started the process of appointing a member of the Supreme Judicial Council.

In the prescribed order, on behalf of the faction, the head of the "Motherland" faction, Arthur Tovmasyan, has nominated a member of the Supreme Court Council, Shushanik Lavrent Hayrapetyan, who was elected as a member of the Justice Council two years ago (December 2015) by the National Assembly.

Shushanik Hayrapetyan expressed gratitude for confidence and noted that in case of being elected she would act on the principle of justice and impartiality.

Then an exchange of ideas took place, during which responsible for all factions represented in parliament defended the proposed candidacy.

After the exchange of views, the deputies passed a secret ballot, after which the chairman of the counting committee Ramela Dadayan presented the results of the voting. According to the minutes of the Audit Committee, voting 30 deputies unanimously gave their voices for the candidacy of Shushanik Hayrapetyan.

Following the voting results, the National Assembly passed a decision on appointing Shushanik Hayrapetyan a member of the Supreme Court Council.

In the next part of the session, State Minister Arayik Harutyunyan answered the question of "Renaissance" faction concerning the guarantees given by the Artsakh government to the President of the Republic of Artsakh.

The State Minister noted that the Artsakh government's budgetary guarantees were mainly provided to the Artsakh Investment and Agricultural and Agricultural Support Funds, as well as a number of public and private companies under the current legislation.

Having passed the discussion of the draft laws, the parliament heard and discussed the draft law "On Amending the NKR Law on Civil Service", which was presented by the Chairman of the Civil Service Council Boris Arushanyan. According to the reporter, the adoption of the draft law is aimed at clarifying the length of service life and experience required for holding civil service positions.

Minister of Justice Ararat Danielyan presented the draft law of the Artsakh Republic "On Human Rights Defender" for the first reading. He noted that the adoption of the law is conditioned by the need to bring the existing legal regulations to conformity with the Constitution adopted in 2017.

"The proposed draft will regulate the functions and powers of the Ombudsman, the provisions of the Human Rights Defender's choice, guarantees of activity," said Ararat Danielyan.

After the presentation, an exchange of ideas took place, during which the Republic of Artsakh Human Rights Defender Ruben Melikyan made a speech. He noted that the project satisfies both the content and the procedure of the debate.

"In terms of content, this is a good example of the existing provisions of international law and the normal functioning of the legislation,"the defender underscored.

The draft law of the Republic of Artsakh "On Making Amendments and Addenda to the NKR Law On Public Service", proposed by the Minister of Justice, is also proposed to bring it into conformity with the Constitution, clarify the scope of the discretionary positions, high-ranking officials and superior officials.

All the above mentioned bills have been adopted by the parliament.

Chairman of the National Statistical Service Karen Nersisyan presented to the parliament a three-year State Statistical Work Program of the Republic of Armenia for 2018-2020, which includes the main directions of state statistical activity, according to the economic, demographic, social and environmental spheres of the country.

Parliamentarians Gagik Bagunts and Hayk Khanumyan have made a deputy statement.

After the break, the meeting continued with the participation of the President of the Republic Bako Sahakyan, the State Minister and Ministers. According to the law "Rules of the National Assembly", the President of the Republic of Artsakh and representatives of the executive authorities answered the questions of the deputies.

The parliamentarians asked questions about electricity tariffs, increase of pensions, systematic programs for gasification of district centers, construction of schools, housing for refugees, road improvement works in the city of Hadrout, the workload of children in schools, the need to revise general education programs, preserve monuments, winemaking and other topics.

At the end of the meeting, President Bako Sahakyan gave some explanations regarding the issues voiced by the deputies.