American Armenians call for hearings on Turkey’s intervention

Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly) Co-Chairs Anthony Barsamian and Van Krikorian have stated that the newest revelations about former US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn are just the tip of the iceberg.

American Armenians call for hearings on Turkey’s intervention

American Armenians call for hearings on Turkey’s intervention

STEPANAKERT, DECEMBER 4, ARTSAKHPRESS:In their view, there is much more yet to come to light, especially regarding Turkey’s continued use of illegal funds to influence US national security at the highest levels, reported Nor Haratch Armenian newspaper of France.

Reports indicated that Flynn would be paid $15 million to secretly carry out Turkey’s bidding. Flynn was already paid $530,000 last year for work the US Justice Department says benefited the government of Turkey, and did not register as a foreign agent at the time.

The Assembly has repeatedly highlighted Turkey’s attempts to gain surreptitious influence over US officials to the detriment of US national security, and has called for investigations therein.

The Assembly has also urged Representatives who joined the Turkish and Azeri Caucuses to withdraw their membership. Some already have.

“[US Congress] Members ought not to associate themselves with such corrupt and authoritarian regimes,” noted the Assembly Co-Chairs. “Given Turkey’s treatment of Christians, dangerously rogue behavior, denial of the Armenian Genocide and support for Azerbaijan’s ISIS-style beheadings and other attacks, it is well past time for Members of Congress to withdraw their membership from the Turkish and Azeri Congressional Caucuses.”