Artsakh Finance Minister comments on 2018 State Budget

2018 State Budget is the first to be presented according to the procedure established by the new Constitution.

Artsakh Finance Minister comments on 2018 State Budget

Artsakh Finance Minister comments on 2018 State Budget

STEPANAKERT, JANUARY 12, ARTSAKHPRESS:On Friday Artsakh Finance Minister, Grigori Martirosyan, said the aforementioned during his press conference. He noted that the total amount of 2018 State Budget has increased by about 7 bln drams comprising 101.5 bln instead of 94.9 bln drams of the year past, of which AMD 5 billion will be directed to economic programs. The amount of interstate loan in 2018 will total 51.4 bln drams, this is up by AMD 0.7 billion or 1.4% as compared with the last year.

The plan of state budget’s own revenues totals 45 bln drams, this is up by AMD 6.5 billion from the planned indicator of the last year. In the whole amount of revenues, tax receipts will comprise AMD 44 billion. This is quite a good indicator from the perspective of taxes-GDP ratio,’’ Mr. Martirosyan said.

Reflecting on the 2018 state programs, Finance Minister of Artsakh said that all the social responsibilities that the state has assumed and performed will be kept in 2018. This year the project on the development of Artsakh regions capacities for construction, improvement and communal economy was invested. AMD 2.2 billion has been envisaged for the program. Expenditures aimed at implementing projects by Rural and Agricultural Support Fund have been increased by 500 mln drams. Support provided to the Social Projects Implementation Fund has been increased by AMD 300 million. The same amount of sum has been envisaged for economic development programs instead of 17 mln drams of the year past.