Artsakh construction works presented at Cabinet meeting

Capital expenditures envisaged in the state budget of the current year comprise 14 bln 200 mln drams, or 14% of the state budget.

Artsakh construction works presented at Cabinet meeting

Artsakh construction works presented at Cabinet meeting

STEPANAKERT, FEBRUARY 9, ARTSAKHPRESS:Artsakh Urban Development Minister, Karen Shahramanyan, said the abovementioned during the meeting of Cabinet.

Speaking about construction works to be carried out in the republic, the Minister noted that with funding from Hayastan All-Armenia Fund in 2018 the construction works of kindergarten and school in Talish village of the Martakert region will be completed. With the financial means of the fund reconstruction process of Artsakh state University’s main building will also be launched. The design works are underway; they will be completely over in May. Subsequently construction works will start.

In Mr. Shahramanyan’s words, under the program of Hayastan All-Armenia Fund, ceremony halls’ and community centers’ construction works of Khndzristan, Ivanyan, Krasni villages in the Askeran region; Getavan village in the Martakert region and Tumi and Taghaser villages in the Hadrut region will be completed.

In 2017 we have completed reconstruction of 20 residential houses, construction of 30 more residential houses will be over in 2018. We will continue collaborating with Ari organization. Five more residential houses are to be built in the Aghavno community of the Kashatagh region. Reconstruction works of schools of Garnakar and Zaglik villages in the Martakert region are due to be completed,’’ said Karen Shahramanyan adding that the newly built school of Haykazyan community in Kashatagh region will be put into operation; and the reconstruction works of sports school in Hadrut town will be completed.

Speaking about the construction of new buildings, Mr. Shahramanyan said that construction works of new kindergartens in Astghashen village of Askeran region and Taghaser village of Hadrut region will be launched.

3 billion drams are to be allocated for road construction. Road improvement works of a number of streets in Shushi will be over. Aygestan bridge in Hadrut town will be reconstructed. 600 mln drams will be used for preservation and repairing of roads of republican and interstate importance.

Speaking about water supply, the Minister said that 686 mln drams will be allocated for this purpose. Construction works of water supply systems in Karvachar and Hadrut towns, as well as in Sarushen, Patara, Astghashen, Shosh villages in Askeran region; Drmbon, Nerkin Horatagh, Vaghuhas, Haterk villages in Martakert region; Emischan, Taghavard villages in Martuni region; Togh, Hartashen villages in Hadrut region and Aygehovit, Karegah villages in Kashatagh region will be completed.




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