Erdogan threatens Greece

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made a harsh comment on the Greek attempts to extract oil in Cyprus and the Greek actions in the Aegean Sea, Diken reports.

Erdogan threatens Greece

Erdogan threatens Greece

STEPANAKERT, FEBRUARY 13, ARTSAKHPRESS:During a session of the AK party, Erdogan addressed Greece and threatened that the Turkish Navy can commence actions at any time.

“Our battleships, air force and other security forces are closely monitoring the developments in the region and are authorized to carry out any intervention”, Erdogan said.

On February 12, the Greek foreign ministry said that Turkey is violating international rights and the sovereign rights of Cyprus by disrupting the driling works in the Cyprus special economic zone (SEZ).

The Turkish Navy blockaded the marine Saipem 12000 driling station, which is driling in the Cyprus SEZ for the Italian ENI oil company. The Navy isn’t alowing the station to go further to the 3rd block and commence works.

Greek President Nicos Anastasiades said on February 11 that Turkey is continuing provocations in the Cypriot SEZ and that Nicosia intends to reach an end of the international rights violations of Turkey.

The Greek foreign ministry said Turkish actions are illegal.

“Turkey continues to question international rights by grossly violating the sovereign rights of Cyprus in Eastern Mediterranean”, the ministry said, caling on Turkey to refrain from further ilegal actions.





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