Shushi’s Daniel Ghazaryan Specialized Secondary Music School is 20 years old (photos)

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Shushi’s Daniel Ghazaryan Specialized Music School, the pupils of the school have organized a concert at the Stepanakert Culture and Youth Palace.

Shushi’s Daniel Ghazaryan Specialized Secondary Music School is 20 years old (photos)

Shushi’s Daniel Ghazaryan Specialized Secondary Music School is 20 years old (photos)

STEPANAKERT, MAY 15, ARTSAKHPRESS:Trumpeters, violinists, the Chamber Ensemble, a brass band and the Ensemble of Folk Instruments performed during the concert. Patriotic songs were also performed.

Director of Shushi’s Daniel Ghazaryan Specialized Secondary Music School, Gohar Mkrtchyan, said that in 1992, after the liberation of Shushi, American Armenian singer and painter Karen Gharibyan arrived in Artsakh and saw the destruction in Shushi. He then decided to open a specialized music school for the children of Shushi. He returned to America and told his acquaintances and relatives about his idea. Later, together with a few supporters they founded a charitable partnership. They started fundraising and soon founded the school.

In the director’s words, it was difficult to begin repairs to the school.

“In 1997 the school opened its doors to 30 students. The number of students is now over 200. Along with an increase in attendance, the number of repaired classrooms has also increased. Apart from classrooms, the school has also opened two halls, computer classrooms, a gym and a sport complex. Every pupil of the school is provided with a musical instrument, free of charge, school supplies, as well as provided with meals twice a day,” Gohar Mkrtchyan said.

Our interlocutor added that the school now has a piano, violin, violoncello, pipe, clarinet, reed pipe and trumpet branch.

She said that during these 20 years the students of the school have placed in music competition-festivals.

''Along with the support of sponsors and the Artsakh government, the school's director general, Karen Gharibyan, supplements the budget of the school by organizing his own concerts and painting exhibitions,'' Gohar Mkrtchyan said.

During the concert, Artsakh Minister of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism, Sergey Shahverdyan, thanked the directorship of the school and pupils for presenting and spreading the nation's culture.

According to the decree of the Artsakh President, Bako Sahakyan, Karen Gharibyan was awarded the honorary title of Honored Art Worker of the Artsakh Republic.

The director general of the school gave his thanks for the award, and added that he has a desire to create a symphony orchestra and an opera theater.

Pargev Archbishop Martirosyan; Vice Speaker of the Artsakh National Assembly, Vahram Balayan; and Artsakh Foreign Minister, Masis Mayilyan; guests from abroad; and others were present at the event.




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